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My 4 day eating binge.

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Oh hai!

Current Weight: 191.0

So a week or so back, I had this horrible string of days where I binged. I ate everything. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snacks, more snacks, cookies, pie, wine, more snacks. There was no exercise for a week.

I worked from Sept. 21st to 27th without a day off. 7 days straight. I didn’t work my normal shifts at work, I was covering 2 vacations. I worked until 11 on night, only to turn around and be back at work at 11 the next morning. I had night where there was a BBQ for 9 people at my house. Our friend’s mom stayed at our house Saturday through Tuesday morning. There was no going to bed early or sleeping in late. There was plenty of food that I don’t normally eat. I felt obligated to be at my house to help engage conversation. I was so exhausted that my body didn’t seem to know that it was full, and I ate enough to where I was and should have been full. But, I kept on eating. I started each day tracking, hoping that the whole thing would be over, but it went until Monday. I ran out of weekly WW points on Friday night. I was super up set to see that I didn’t have any extra points to play with, but was in the negative.I stopped tracking the last 2 days of my WW week.

Our house guest left on Tuesday morning. Kevin asked if I wanted to do something Tuesday night. No. NO. I was finally able to say no. I just wanted to be at home, do nothing, and talk to no one.

So, Tuesday night…I ran to the gym to active my free 3 month pass. I came home.  Ate a huge ass salad. Took a bath, reshaped my eyebrows, trimmed my nails, and went to bed early. I took care of me.

Wednesday, I tracked my breakfast in eTools on my phone. I felt at ease to see that I had my 35 weekly points restored. I went to yoga. I went to the gym. I weighted myself  at home and then at a meeting. The scale was down?!?!

I went to my meeting. I was down 3.2. I was super shocked, and my leader said my binge probably wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.  I really wanted a gain as a punishment. I was okay with a loss but I really felt like she wasn’t hearing I didn’t want positive encouragement. I ate uncontrollably and it wasn’t like me at all.

This week, has been so much better. I’m back on track. I know where I went wrong. I’m moving forward in life and down on the scale.

The number one thing that caused my binge? Exhaustion, lack of exercise and not feeling like I could take the time for myself while being a hostess.

On a super happy note…

  • I walked something like 27 miles between Sept. 29 through Oct. 5th!
  • I also bought new running shoes!
  • I bought a sweater from Banana Republic and it’s a medium!

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October 6, 2010 at 2:39 pm

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