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Love list 11.16.10

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Hiya. I haven’t done a lot of listy love in a long time. Here’s a new list of stuff I love…


  • Kevin. The boy put up with me and my family for 7 days in a row! We are happy to be home and back to our normal scheduled programs. ♥
  • Abigail. Hello dog! I had a dream about you while we were in Canada. I woke up and was sad that you weren’t there. ♥
  • yoga. I had dreams about doing yoga while I was in Canada as well. I’m upping this to twice a week. Super stoked! ♥
  • Eve. Friend, yoga instructor, walking buddy, and fellow Weight Watcher. Also, at 52 she is a total fitness daredevil and really inspiring.♥
  • weighting 190! and, no rounding.
  • lululemon athleticaScuba Hoodie. I bought this as a 190lb reward, I want to live in it! This will not be making the rounds at work.
  • Damn You Auto Correct! via Door Sixteen. Remember iPhone, I want shit, not shot.
  • Lush. But only while I’m in Canada.
  • broccoli
  • how much changing my pillow case every night has helped my skin
  • pu-erh tea
  • Fox Barrel Mulled Cider
  • seeing wild bears do their bear thing…
  • sparkly eye shadow
  • snowy forecasts
  • reunited friendships
  • buddha bowls. I love this for some reason but can’t justify the price.
  • chai lattes
  • christmas mugs
  • water! I didn’t like the taste of the water in Whistler, I was SOOO thirsty when I came home.
  • hazelnuts
  • home
  • Uggs. I still stand by them. They keep my feet super warm, just not very dry.
  • Taste Nirvana’s Coconut Water with Pulp. Great after a good 10 mile walk.
  • Ancient Harvest Pasta. This pasta is quinoa and corn based and cooks up fantastically! As a non gluten freer, Kevin likes this pasta sub the best.

Have a super week!

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November 16, 2010 at 7:12 pm

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