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Weekly Goals.

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hmm, it totally isn’t Thursday anymore. Better late, than not at all.

Current Weight: 187.7

I’m in love with the new plan! Oh, and dates! Dates make a great sweet and free dessert. And, who doesn’t love a salad the size of their face?

Weekly Goals.

  • track all 7 days. Hmm, I have no idea what happened yesterday, but apparently I didn’t track. Or had a technology error, silly iPhone.. Back on track today…
  • keep working on avoiding candy and cookies. I did pretty well on this until I ran into Friday and Saturday… those are also the 2 days I get up super early and usually lack sleep.
  • take lunch to work all 5 days
  • read more. I have a great book on wine to finish and a book on running to start over.
  • work on running! I really want to run! But, the days are short and wet and I want to be running outside! My “free” gym membership to 24hour Fitness isn’t really that great because I don’t think there is a location close enough to motivate me to go.
  • walk a total of 20 miles
  • get in 8 glasses of water! I’ve been really good about drinking tea instead of so much coffee. But, with cooler weather I’ve been downing hot tea instead of water. WW iPhone app can help keep me in line.

Oh and I forgot to post this in the beginning of the month:

Monthly Goals.

  • start a work out gear fund! I’m doing a half marathon in June and I want to look amazing besides just be amazing. I’ve set up a fund to buy myself a cute outfit for the day. By June, I should have a good budget… and I’ll need new shoes by then, too.
  • no new clothes this month. I really want to follow the new PointsPlus plan for a whole month and see where it takes me. Also, I really only NEED new jeans. I’m getting some $$ for xmas and I’ll use that to buy a new pair or so of jeans.

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