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Love list 12.14.10

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I can’t believe this year is almost over! 2010 flew right on by…


  • Kevin. Even when he makes me lose hours of sleep.
  • dogs. Dogs seem pretty essential in life.
  • lululemon Cool Racerback. I bought one at their outlet and bought another one last week. I love them. Shelfless! Great for yoga, great for running, and great under a hoodie.
  • wool socks
  • parsnips for breakfast
  • cozy coffee shops
  • ninja like moves through small crowds
  • running!
  • wearing a pair of jeans that are a size 10 with no problem!
  • cara cara navel oranges
  • travel plans for NYC
  • being proud to say “I don’t live on credit!”
  • deciding not to go to Italy for a week in 2011 so I can go for a MONTH in 2014!
  • the back roads
  • brisk cold, like 30° and below, and without snow
  • new plans for how my family will handle Christmas next year
  • seeing my running distance vs. time increase
  • free pints of beer and live music, alone


  • running in the wrong gear for the rain
  • flooding
  • pressure to find Christmas gifts
  • a forecast full of more rain


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