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Lovelist 7.26.11

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Oh hi there!

Sometimes, life gets a bit stressful. Sometimes, things break a bunch in the same week. And, sometimes we get a cold. Summer cold, eew.


  • Men. My co-worker told me to thank Kevin for being a man. Done.
  • Dogs. I love my dog. But, I’m jealous of my 2 of my friend’s new puppies!
  • honey. good on toast, good in tea, good for the skin, good for me.
  • Nike Free Run 2. I think I’ve found me a new favorite shoe style! And these are tongue less!
  • Ros├ęs! I do love wine, and these are perfect for summer!
  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. Holy crap! Why did I wait so long to try primer?
  • Honest To Blog’s Food on Your Face Friday
  • running belts! I bought this at the expo before the Rock N Roll 1/2, it’s not that cool really but I do love that it has clips to hook race numbers into. No more repining when it get to warm.
  • 7 Up. I really only crave this when I have a cold.
  • Iced coffee! Screw getting mad that Starbucks sweetens theirs, I’ll make my own! Pioneer Woman has an easy recipe, which I cut in 1/2 or 1/4ths. I’m saving $ by doing this, too.
  • 30 Day Challenges. This month was finances, I’ve done okay but could have done better. I need one for August.
  • blueberries. frozen or fresh, love them!
  • an iPhone with non broken parts. I broke the glass, Kevin broke the LCD screen. Oh, and it case you ever need to know… 3G and 3Gs use different glass parts. I can’t upgrade until next year…
  • Weight Watchers meetings. I went back and I’m committed… Err, I’ve been sick this weekend and I’m just doing what I feel my body is telling me it needs for the next few days. Back in full force tomorrow.
  • I bought a pair of TOMS. The Seattle weather has been crummy and I wanted a light weight shit kicking kind of shoe. I bought them, they gave a kid a pair of shoes.
  • Weeds. I’m late to the party, but this show is awesome.
  • talks of buying property
  • Tiny holes in your favorite shirts? Whoa! I also get this from leaning up against the counter at work! Via not martha
  • knowing which friendships are worth working on, and which friendships are okay to fade away
  • Pinterest. Damn you, why are you so neat and addicting?

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