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Lovelist 9.19.11

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  • boyfriend and being able to be supportive
  • dog friends! Version 2.0 is here! Turkey dog and Hippo aka Abigail and Ada.
  • amazing sunsets
  • cooler fall weather
  • homemade soup! Quinoa chowder on Wednesday?
  • running PRs for 5ks
  • hoodies
  • french presses
  • washing my face with oil instead of soap
  • lazy mornings in bed between my 2 dogs, the joy of working a mid shift
  • a glass of wine every night verses getting shitfaced once a week
  • the fact that shitfaced is in spellchecker?
  • a good cup of coffee
  • spider webs
  • yoga and attempting to increase my practice
  • oats! I think I like the gluten free ones now, I wasn’t to keen last year…
  • roasted sweet potatoes
  • snap peas
  • coupons! but only when they’re for stuff I actually need/use
  • seeing my 10% savings of each paycheck adding up
  • wine tastings with old coworkers
  • starry skies without light pollution
  • What the Water Gave Me by Florence + The Machine (I must really like this song but seem to draw a blank when it comes on, I’ve Shazamed it 3 times!)
  • Republic Brewing Company. Sure, I couldn’t drink the beer but had cider and mead instead. The brewery is super small but a place Kevin and I would hang out at if it wasn’t 5 hours away.
  • hard cider. I’m getting really into cider right now, maybe a home batch will be in the future?

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