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Kevin informed me that he would probably be going to Vancouver, Wa to help out his boss’ daughter with her business. (they all work in the insurance business)

This was some thing that had also been brought up in December but never amounted to much. As we were talking about it last night we were hoping it wouldn’t happen but if it did it would be okay and it wouldn’t be that long…

But, when I talked to Kevin this morning he told me it would be for a month.

A month? WTF? He’ll be home on weekends…

Um. Wow. So in his boss bailing out his daughter, he fucks with our lives? For a month? Um. Hi, we live and work in Seattle! Our lives run around things here. Our families live in the general Puget Sound vacinity, not Vancouver’s.

So Kevin will be gone for the month of June and I’ll be gone for half of August… There goes the summer.

I’m none to happy about this, and either is he.

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May 29, 2009 at 11:07 pm

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I love your non-communicating ways.

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I really think communication is very important. It is so important in all parts of life. With lovers, co-workers, doctors, friends, and those who directly could effect some majo0r moments in you life. I probably over communicate, and I’m okay with that.

There was a weird ordering snafu at work on Thursday. I ordered a product and 2 hours later that product showed up on a extra delivery I knew nothing about. I tried to cancel the order for the following day, but it was more than 2 hours past the cut off time for orders. I explained what happened and the distributor was surprised that I hadn’t been left a note, they definitely had remembered talking to the buyer and arranging a special delivery for shorted product. There was no communication to say what the deal was, what to expect, or what not to order. Zero emails.

So I sent off a little email about the situation. The responce I got back was pretty awesome… something like “I had things going on on Wednesday and sending you an email about orders wasn’t one of them. Oh, and by the way you ordered way to much.” Fantastic. This is why I don’t really enjoy working as this person’s backup.

Let me say… I was rather happy to leave work early today, even if it was because I was having back pain and needed to see my chiropractor.

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May 9, 2009 at 10:37 pm

Saturdays can be fun.

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I was awake at 3:45 this morning. Yes. And that was 30 minutes before my alarm actually went off. And this was all after not getting nearly enough sleep. I’ve been awake for 18 hours! Woohoo.

I worked a fun day. 5 to 1:30. Next week I get to work a bunch of 8¬† to 5s… as close to 9 to 5 as I can get. Sweet jesus, I might feel normal for a second.

I went to the chiropractor so he could “crack my bones” as Kevin put it. He said something was new and different about my neck… and not in the great way.

I then decided I wanted something pretty to wear. (I lost 2.6lbs this week. ) I hit up a bunch of stores and found nothing. Meaning, I had no agenda so I and nothing jumped out at me. I looked at shoes. I looked at purses. I looked at necklaces and earrings. Well fuck it, we best look at makeup. We got made over to look like a tart, but the eyes were pretty fucking hot.

Then I was on a quest for hair. My hair is bothering me. I then decided I needed some Bumble and Bumble. I went to Rudy’s. I asked the gal about product. She had some awesome and crazy thick hair. I had her cut mine. She did an amazing job!

After getting all glammed out at the MAC counter and getting a hair cut, I felt pretty super. I came home and washed off my face. I thought I’d be pretty awesome and put on the cute shorts I bought in August. They totally ruined that awesome skinny and hot feeling I had. But, after being at the mall I feel very average and not as fat.

Drats. Ooh, I forgot to take all of my supplements. Double drats.

At least I have good hair. I finally found another person that seems to understand how to cut think hair. Thanks Stephanie!

Next is Hoegaarden. Then bed. Man, I need a weekend day off.

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April 4, 2009 at 9:55 pm

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My boring ass weekend.

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Friday was pretty awesome. I fell and skinned my knee while holding a cup of coffee. The coffee survived, the knee was skinned and is still bruised. I went to a WW meeting and lost a pound. Later Kevin bought me an blended latte and I dropped it twice, mainly due to the fact that the chick made a mess of it and put another cup on the outside of it to make it less messy. The second cup didn’t like being squeezed or something. We did some other crap that seems to have slipped my mind. It involved diner and salads. Fat people love salads, they’re delicious. They are, they’re yummy and Ralphie May said so. I had to go to bed pretty early so I could get up pretty early on Saturday to be at work by 5. But, knowing myself all to well I took to much time getting ready for bed aka fucking about in the bathroom and bedroom. I got to bed by 10:30p and couldn’t get to sleep because I had aneixty about getting up at 4:15. 3 hours of sleep isn’t enough for me anymore.

Saturday was pretty uneventful. I got up really early, like 4:15 after remembering looking at the clock a lot and being awake when my alarm didn’t go off. Remember kids, setting the alarm isn’t enough, you have to turn the fucker on as well. I had the beginnings of a cold or some awesome but super early allergies. I worked an awesome 8 hours. Kevin went to Bremerton. I went to the chiropractor before he closed at 3p. After coming home, Abigail and I took a nap. I ate a feast of cheese filled pastas, broccoli with olive oil and salt and pepper and red pepper flakes, and a huge ass salad. It wasn’t that exciting. I drank a glass of wine. Took a bath in Epsom salts. Called it good and went to bed. I slept like crap because Kevin wasn’t home.

So far today was entertaining. I worked pretty damn early, though not as early as yesterday. I was trying to be all awesome and perch on the edge of a milk crate that wasn’t as full and it probably should have been for the task I was trying to do… and the crate tipped forward and I managed to catch my thigh on the tower of crates next to it. You should see my fucking bruise, it is so hot… as in putting off a lot of heat. I’d take a picture but I’m not that flexible and my legs look like sausages and you might be blinded. I then realized that I’m closer to being 40 than I am to being 15?!? I de-pooped the backyard. I washed some dishes. I took a long shower, did all the necessary hygiene bits. I talked to Kevin, he was eating at this dad’s house. I ate a feast of broccoli with olive oil and salt and pepper, a salad, and rice noodle soup. And then I posted this blog. After this I’ll have a glass of wine and dry my hair. Be then, Kevin might be now.

Wow, I’m kind of boring.

tl;dr? Bold stuff is more important but, not that important stuff.

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March 29, 2009 at 8:23 pm

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This has been a really long week, as I predicted it would be.

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Today was one of those days.

One would have thought that after getting a massage and a good crack yesterday would made it so I could conquer the world today. Apparently I could for all of 6 hours. The last 2 hours at work were fought through. I also felt pretty klutzy all day! I broke a bottle of wine within the first hour I was at work. I ran into all sorts of things. I think the klutziness/brain fog is a result of the car accident and my body being so out of whack.

After working for 8 hours, doing grocery shopping, going to the mall only to realize they changed their hours and were closing up shop as I got there, head to Target and only found Fiber One bars and Weight Watchers candy to buy, and going to Fred Meyer to buy deodorant and shave gel but not razors because they were to expensive…. I am beat. Oh, and I had a crappy hair day.

And all I really want to do is crawl into bed and listen to a podcast or two. But, this morning I accidentally removed them all, all 158 of them.

I win at sucking today.

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March 20, 2009 at 11:06 pm

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Random 3 day-ish weekend for me!

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Who doesn’t love a 3 day weekend? Especially when it falls on an actual weekend?

But on Thursday I was asked if I could work on Friday. Our beer guy is out with bronchitis. Um yeah, um wait… um, no! Um wait, I could but only from 6p-10p. (I was hoping that they’d say no due to the fact it was so late.) I sent my boss an email saying I would be able to work those hours due to having prior commitments during the day at 10:30a and at 4p.

Low and behold, I got a voice mail  saying it would be really awesome if I could work that shift and would I please call her back to verify ASAP. Blah. I get to do beer and wine stuff. I get to make sure it all looks full and pretty. Best of all, its Friday night and I can bullshit with a bunch of people about booze.

I still have Saturday and Sunday off. Saturday is full of nothing, maybe a nap or 2? Sunday, my mom and I are doing the St. Patrick’s Day Dash and I’m going to a private wine tasting at a fellow employee’s house. I don’t have to work on Monday until 3p. All in all, it should be a super weekend.

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March 13, 2009 at 12:03 pm

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resume snafu..

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So, if you’re a pretty good looking chick putting your picture on your resume might seem like a great idea… but it only works if the person hiring you is:

  • male
  • a lesbian
  • single of the above
  • not so bright
  • unprofessional

But if you are my boss you would say it is pretty unprofessional. Or that “just because you’re good looking doesn’t guarantee you an interview.” I personally found it tacky.

Amen, the end.

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February 23, 2009 at 11:48 pm