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I don’t want children.

When I was younger I wanted kids. My ex and I used to talk about having kids. I wanted to be a school teacher at one point in my life.

But then I realized, I don’t find joy and happiness in children.

I don’t ooh and aah or coo and goo at babies.

Its great that you are holding your child, but please continue to hold her because I have no desire to.

I finally feel like most of my depression is so far behind me. Why would I want to have a child and increase my chance of bringing more depression into my life? So many people I know have told me about their postpartum depression, I know I’d be a perfect candidate for it. My mom finally gets this, she sees it as a very valid reason. I’m also choosing to end my depression with me, I don’t want to have a child deal with it the way I have.

I hate getting up early for work. I know I would hate getting up early to tend to a child.

I don’t like things that are sticky.

I have debt to pay off still. There is no extra money for a child because I am comfortable the way I am.

So many people don’t understand all of this. It is perfectly okay, I promise you. If you don’t understand my not wanting, I don’t understand the yearning for one or even more than one.

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February 18, 2009 at 9:29 pm

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