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The good of a bad economy?

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5k number two? Done!

My mom and I were at Macy’s today. She had seen this coat she had to have. I’ll have to admit it is pretty cute. Everything was on sale! Okay, everything but the DKNY jeans I wear… go figure. But I saw a cute down vest with a hood on it. A hood with fur on it. Totally trendy, I know. It was normally $69.00. It was 40% off and an extra 20% off with a Macy’s account. I told my mom about it and she asked me how much it was. My mom enjoys asking me how much things are after a discount because I don’t do math. But I figured it would be about $28ish dollars. I got it in black because black is practical and less trendy… She bought it and I would pay her next week. When she looked at the receipt it rang up at just over $16. As she dropped me back off in my driveway she told me to consider the vest a gift. Awww! Thanks mom.

Sweet Jesus! Macy’s is practically giving away clothing! 4 for the price of 1? Sweet. Like my mom said, the deals are pretty awesome right now, if you have the extra money to spend. And she does.

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October 25, 2008 at 8:35 pm

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No zoot suits.

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Last night Kevin informed me he needed a suit for Friday. Um, really? We are going to a future insurance agent thing, and we’ve known about it for about 2 months. Yesterday he got an email about things to bring and expect, a suit was second on the list. Gee, you couldn’t have said something about this when you told us about it in June?

Last night we were also waiting for someone to call us back and let us know if we had to run out to Monroe to get a dog. The call came at 7:55, the little lady that came to look at him before us fell in love and took him. We’re fine with it, we just wanted to know if we still had a chance…

So we went to Men’s Warehouse. Kevin got this amazing suit. The best part is, it will be ready by Thursday night!!

I have to look fairly formal or put together as well. I’m off to buy a pair of basic black heels to go with my fancy black trousers. Fun.

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August 19, 2008 at 5:38 pm

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Happy Friday!

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Watermelon juice? Years ago when I worked in a juice bar the summer was always fun, fruit flies by the platoons! But we used to make random fruit concoctions including stuff with watermelon. Today I got a free Evolution Watermelon juice. Let me tell you, it’s like summer in a container! And minus the seeds! And there was no extra crap in it, just juice! Um, but the price is a bit higher than you might pay for an Odwalla, but after hearing about this company, it might be worth it on those days I feel like blowing $4 on a juice.

Today was fantastically started by waking up at 5:30 only to realize I was supposed to have been at work a half hour prior… reseting the alarm time and setting the alarm are two different things.

I order this shirt from The Herbivore Clothing Co. I am not a vegetarian any more, but I really care about food and the way it is grown and processed and where it comes from. I was also stoked because I was able to order a large.

My mom took me shopping yesterday because she understands the whole “I’ve lost weight, and now I want to wear clothes that are closer to my size, even though I’m not done losing weight yet.” thing. Thanks mom, I love you. She lost 30lbs doing the South Beach Diet (um, she read the book, there was no online program when she did it) and has kept it off for something like 2 years. She looks great, I’m proud of her. She’s proud of me. But, when she was losing weight she had extra cash to spend on clothes and bought a whole new wardrobe. I’m excited because I can wear stuff from Ann Taylor Loft again without feeling like I’m squishing into everything, some thing yes, I squish… most things, no squish, but not always flattering. She bought me jeans that were $20 that I fit into. Even if I can only wear them for 2 months or something, $20.

I have a dinner date with an old friend from my OSU days in a week. Yay!

Summer has arrived in Seattle, thank god! 90 degrees tomorrow?!

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June 28, 2008 at 1:59 am


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When I was in my early 20s I used to house sit for some of my mom’s friends. I never snooped through anyone’s stuff… but I used to steal their socks. It was never to be rude, it was really out of sheer laziness or having forgotten to bring my own.

I used to steal my mom’s socks when I moved back from Olympia, mainly because I was out of clean ones.

I used to “borrow” ex-boyfriend’s socks if I had spent the night and forgotten to grab my own.

I would buy socks from work if I worn sandals and had forgotten to bring socks to go with the shoes I remembered. I would buy fun new socks from work each time we got new styles.

I have more socks than I know what to fucking do with. Washing all of them with their matches, is an on going battle.

When Kevin and I collided, we both had the same type of Nike socks… they are all now stretched out to fit his hobbit feet. But he’s left all my Adidas to me. Now the sock mish mash includes boot socks, wool socks, dress socks and Wigwam socks.

The other day Kevin pulled socks out of his drawer and informed me that the socks weren’t his. Nope, they had belonged to an ex. I have a pair of socks with giraffes on them that I took from MJ and a pair of Calvin Klein socks I took from Sue. Random weird socks I took from my grandma’s house. Cute little decorative socks I took from my mom. Random wool socks with out a match that my ex from the 1996s mom gave me for Christmas. A pair that my mom hand knit for my grandma, that my grandma said didn’t do anything for her and pawned them off on me. Knee highs with skulls on them, that never stay up. And none of my brother’s socks from that year we lived together, because I have no use for a men’s 14 stretched out sock.


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May 24, 2008 at 5:18 am

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Running needs shorts.

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Newcastle + running + epsom salt bath = not to shabby.

I have decided that wearing Converse for 8 hours and then putting on my awesome Mizunos seems to confuse my arches. Are we flat and walking in circles? Or are we supported and running on the sidewalk?

I read something about drinking beer after running, I can’t remember what it said… but I’m determined to have one after every running adventure, even if they are still small. Beer is nice.

I drove my normal walk/run course and I’ve discovered that it is almost 2.5 miles. A 5k will be really easy. Sweet.

I really want a pair of running shorts with pockets. I know that they will be very unflattering, but if you choose to look at me when I’m working out it’s your own damn fault. But for my own reasons, I’m so mortified to try them on. I haven’t worn shorts in public in EONS! 10 yearsish? Like I’ve seen plenty of fat folks wearing elastic waist shorts but they have nice or decent legs. My legs are like sausage links covered in spider veins and bruises. Yum-o. I usually wear my awesome black Lucy capris and pants or my not as awesome blue capris… but shorts? I yearn for the days when my legs are a bit leaner! Shorts damnit, I want some shorts and I want them to look okay.

Eew, and I supposed in a few months I’ll need to buy a new swim suit that is more flattering and shows off my boobs… then one I have now is more for swimming laps and has a high neck.

I’ve started to rub calendula oil on to help my skin stuff issues. Plus, who doesn’t love soft skin?

It rubs the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again….

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April 27, 2008 at 5:08 am

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