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Going gluten free…

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Hello. So this is my blog right? One I don’t use as often as I could.

Here’s me being honest…

I think I might have Celiac Disease. Eep, so many of my symptoms match!

After working for a co-op for almost 8 years, you would think this information might not be to hard to take in. There are so many great options now. I have access to great resources. I’d get a discount on some of the more expensive gluten free treats. But….

This information could be another huge blow to my strange health.I took out soy 7 years ago and thought it was the answer…but not a complete one? For the past 8 years I’ve been wondering what the hell was going on. These are some of my issues….

  • depression
  • anemia
  • anxiety
  • constant stomach pain
  • bloating
  • really fun smelling gas
  • fun time bathroom issues
  • acne (I was one of those teenagers with beautiful skin)
  • fatigue, constant. But, I have huge issues falling asleep.
  • weight gain (I still think this is mainly due to Paxil)
  • irregular periods
  • unexplained food sensitivities

About 6 or so years ago I was tested for food allergies. The good old scratch test. What a disaster that was. I only wanted to be tested for foods and I ended up being tested for everything, hello pollen and dust! The results were so skewed due to the pollen and dust reaction I had to go back. The doctor made fun of me and asked why I was crying… mostly I was having a severe reaction to things I’ve been allergic to my whole life, this isn’t what I wanted and now you’re ridiculing me. Anxiety and panic attack much?! Oh western medicine, I hate you. Okay, that’s not fair, but I’ve pretty much have hated all the doctors I’ve seen in the past 10 years. All but one.

I love my Naturopath. LOVE. The first time I went, I was sent paperwork proir to my visit. I thought it was sort of weird to fill out a piece of paper about the 5 things I would like to discuss. 5? Hmm. I can’t remember what I wrote. But I remember talking about my first big issue (food allergies was probably first on the list) and it took a while. We started on the next topic and I started to rush. I then asked how much time did we have left and she told me my appointment was for an hour. An hour?! I didn’t have to make another appointment or pay another co-pay to talk to you for another 40 minutes about 4 more topics?! Holy shit, I think this was my health dream come true!

Anyway, she did a blood test for food allergies, I didn’t have any. But, I do have a crazy sensitivity to soy. But, so what if this whole time I’ve had Celiac Disease and I’ve been doing all this damage to my body? What if I could ease some of my depression symptoms even more by not eating gluten? What if my stomach didn’t have some of those violent pains? What if my skin could clear up? What side of my family is this coming from?What if? What if?

I called my mom the other day after drinking a bottle of prosecco, sounds odd I know, but alcohol can be a total truth serum. My mom can be a total butthead sometimes and the complete opposite of me, but she’s still my mom. My mom is one of those people who only tells you the really great things you want to hear about yourself when you’re really down and out and or really upset. Basically she told me that she’s proud of me for really trying to conquer all my issues on my own first and only seeking out medical help when I need it or can’t figure it out on my own. She’s happy that I’ve not given up or been willing to settle for “that’s just the way it is.” There was more but I won’t go on and on to much about.

Thank you for listening and giving me encouraging feed back, mom.

But so, I need to be tested. I need to get a physical first, then have blood work done.  Today is day 3 of being totally gluten free. I feel okay, no stomach pain. The rest of the spelt bread in my freezer can sit until Kevin eats it. The flour on the counter can be poured out. Even if the answer eventually comes back that Celiac Disease isn’t the answer, I feel better without gluten.

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February 26, 2010 at 11:13 am

Drunk creepy.

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Sometimes, alcohol,friends and family can go together nicely.

Then the one person in the room who kind of weirds you out a bit has to much to drink… and then they make the rest of the night kind of awkward others.

I really don’t like having to avoid people at parties. I really hate feeling like I have to avoid people at parties especially when they are at my house.

Fuck you and your creepyness. Stay out of conversations that you weren’t in and don’t yell at the people having the conversation and tell them they are wrong. And don’t you dare raise your voice at me again in my fucking house!

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April 13, 2009 at 4:51 pm

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Can I have a minute?

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K:What doing?



Damn straight. Lemme surf the clickernet in peace….

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October 28, 2008 at 7:15 pm

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Mmm, lunch.

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I’m off today. I have a dinner date with an old friend.
Kevin got bit by some crazy bug or spider that left a huge blister on his wrist. He finally went to the doctor today, the blister showed up on Sunday. He chose not to go back to work.

Just now Kevin was in the kitchen making himself lunch. I heard him snicker. I tried to figure what he was doing.

“I are eating bachelor food!”
(looking at his plate) Did you make a spaghetti sandwich?
“Yes. It’s going to be awesome.”


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July 8, 2008 at 10:35 pm

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Rock, Paper, you lose!

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The other night was super warm.
Kevin crawled into bed and then told me I should go get the fan from the other room.

Um no, you do it.

No, you go get it. You know its warm in here.

You go.

Ooh, lets do rock, paper, scissors! We haven’t played that in a while!

Guess who won… I win at rock, paper, scissors because Kevin has a pattern I figured out more than a year ago. I find it funny that he suggests this for things when he usually loses.

Kevin’s move is 9 times out of 10: rock, rock.

Rock, paper for the win.

We are such amazing adults.

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May 20, 2008 at 4:01 pm

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