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Credit cards are a joke, most times.

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Against my better judgment I got a credit card a few years back with Orchard Bank, issued by HSBC.

Dealing with these people is like dealing with a small child. I rushed a payment and payed extra for it, they charged me a late fee. I called to dispute it and they got rude even though I said I had an email saying it would be reversed. I argued with them and demanded to speak to a supervisor and the second I said I wanted to make a $150 payment they could easily reverse my late fee and be my new bestfriend. We are setting it all up and the guy said something about a $15 phone fee for the payment. What? Forget it, I’ll hang up this very minute and pay it online. Wait, my new best friend chimes in that he’ll wave this fee for me as a courtesy this one time.

If you have the magic to wave fees magically, why by a dick and argue with me that you can’t do them in the first place? Oh wait, if I offer to do something then you’ll be very nice and do what I need/want you to do.

Basically, stick to well known financial institutions when getting a credit card.

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February 4, 2009 at 10:21 am

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