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Saturdays can be fun.

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I was awake at 3:45 this morning. Yes. And that was 30 minutes before my alarm actually went off. And this was all after not getting nearly enough sleep. I’ve been awake for 18 hours! Woohoo.

I worked a fun day. 5 to 1:30. Next week I get to work a bunch of 8  to 5s… as close to 9 to 5 as I can get. Sweet jesus, I might feel normal for a second.

I went to the chiropractor so he could “crack my bones” as Kevin put it. He said something was new and different about my neck… and not in the great way.

I then decided I wanted something pretty to wear. (I lost 2.6lbs this week. ) I hit up a bunch of stores and found nothing. Meaning, I had no agenda so I and nothing jumped out at me. I looked at shoes. I looked at purses. I looked at necklaces and earrings. Well fuck it, we best look at makeup. We got made over to look like a tart, but the eyes were pretty fucking hot.

Then I was on a quest for hair. My hair is bothering me. I then decided I needed some Bumble and Bumble. I went to Rudy’s. I asked the gal about product. She had some awesome and crazy thick hair. I had her cut mine. She did an amazing job!

After getting all glammed out at the MAC counter and getting a hair cut, I felt pretty super. I came home and washed off my face. I thought I’d be pretty awesome and put on the cute shorts I bought in August. They totally ruined that awesome skinny and hot feeling I had. But, after being at the mall I feel very average and not as fat.

Drats. Ooh, I forgot to take all of my supplements. Double drats.

At least I have good hair. I finally found another person that seems to understand how to cut think hair. Thanks Stephanie!

Next is Hoegaarden. Then bed. Man, I need a weekend day off.

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April 4, 2009 at 9:55 pm

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I want 5 more inches.

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God, my last hair cut was such a disaster.
A 2 months later, it looks like absolute shit and takes product to make it look decent. It ended up a lot shorter than I really wanted and with a lot more layering than I asked for.
Thank god summer is on the way, my hair grows like a weed when its warm.
I want some hair like Carmen Electra, yo.

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May 15, 2008 at 8:23 pm

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A hairy situation.

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I find it really entertaining when you talk to someone about dying your hair, to cover gray, they make funny noises at you like you just said the dumbest thing they ever heard.

Especially when they recently dyed their own hair, to cover up their own gray and their old dye job that had grown out over the past year.

Note: The person giving the advice has the oiliest and stringiest hair I’ve ever seen in my life.

Like a friend said, I wouldn’t take any hair product advice from her, EVAR!

I find that Naturcolor 4D is the closest thing to my own hair color.


After switching back and forth between Live Journal and Blogger for the past, oh 6 years?, we choose Blogger. I am after all, an adult.

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March 20, 2008 at 10:26 pm

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