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Horray for December First.

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Hooray, November is finally over.  !!!

We’re finally moved into our house. It looks like our old apartment threw up into our 2 story house… random stuff is everywhere. We’ll put it all away soon, but it does feel nice not to be on a strict deadline. Um, if only I could find my razor to shave my legs… but I might need hot water for that.

The dog survived the move… she might tell you about her little panic episodes if she had a voice box, but she doesn’t. Today was the first time she was in the house alone, minus the drop in by the land lord and electrician… more on that in a moment. She did bark at me when I opened the front door, from the confines of our bed.

So about 3 weeks or so ago I told Kevin there was no hot water. He said it was probably turned down due to the house having been up for sale and having sat semi-vacant for years. I asked the land lord when I saw him 2 weeks ago and he said it was turned down and just not very hot. Yes, not very hot is similar to freezing cold but different in my book… So we finally are in and ready to live on Saturday. I worked super early on Saturday morning and all I really wanted was a hot shower. I’m also pretty awesome and bought a stall sized shower curtain and was going to settle for a bath. But wait! No hot water because no one ever turned up the hot water heater. After being turned up, there still was no hot water to speak of Sunday night. So today, being Monday, our land lord and his electrician were supposed to come early and fix it. I left for work at 9:30, early they did not come. Kevin later called to say it was ready to go and had been fixed. O rly? No, not really. I got home at 4:30 and turned on multiple facets and let them run for a few minutes, not moments and there is NO FUCKING HOT WATER. Hmm, how would you know it was fixed if you didn’t wait for the water to get hot? Hmm. But see this all would have been solved if people had listened to me when I mentioned this in the first place. Seriously, I’m not as dumb as some might perceive me as. I might not know about engines and cars and computers but I know when hot water isn’t hot. I like my baths and showers to be almost scalding. So, tonight might be shower at folk’s house, day 2? Geez.

If anything, today was a nice day. It started out foggy and the coffee was decent.

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December 1, 2008 at 6:04 pm

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Possible advice…

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Know where your tooth brush is while in the process of moving.

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November 19, 2008 at 5:17 pm

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