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I love your non-communicating ways.

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I really think communication is very important. It is so important in all parts of life. With lovers, co-workers, doctors, friends, and those who directly could effect some majo0r moments in you life. I probably over communicate, and I’m okay with that.

There was a weird ordering snafu at work on Thursday. I ordered a product and 2 hours later that product showed up on a extra delivery I knew nothing about. I tried to cancel the order for the following day, but it was more than 2 hours past the cut off time for orders. I explained what happened and the distributor was surprised that I hadn’t been left a note, they definitely had remembered talking to the buyer and arranging a special delivery for shorted product. There was no communication to say what the deal was, what to expect, or what not to order. Zero emails.

So I sent off a little email about the situation. The responce I got back was pretty awesome… something like “I had things going on on Wednesday and sending you an email about orders wasn’t one of them. Oh, and by the way you ordered way to much.” Fantastic. This is why I don’t really enjoy working as this person’s backup.

Let me say… I was rather happy to leave work early today, even if it was because I was having back pain and needed to see my chiropractor.

Written by crabbycake

May 9, 2009 at 10:37 pm

resume snafu..

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So, if you’re a pretty good looking chick putting your picture on your resume might seem like a great idea… but it only works if the person hiring you is:

  • male
  • a lesbian
  • single of the above
  • not so bright
  • unprofessional

But if you are my boss you would say it is pretty unprofessional. Or that “just because you’re good looking doesn’t guarantee you an interview.” I personally found it tacky.

Amen, the end.

Written by crabbycake

February 23, 2009 at 11:48 pm