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Here I am, to blog…

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Whoa, my last blog post was June 13th.

I really love reading blogs, seriously. But, I’m not sure about posting my own blogs. Am I really that exciting? Do people really care about what I have to say? Well, the answer is probably yes and probably no.

So what have I been up to? Not much and bunch all at once:

  • got a new tattoo on my abdomen that no one can really see. I got it for me.
  • still trying to lose weight. yup, some weeks I’m great at it and other weeks not so much. I’ve been in the 190s for the past year. I’m okay with it.
  • my mom bought me a gluten free red velvet cake for the 4th of July. It was a huge hit.
  • made sangria, it was amazing.
  • I singed up to take a motorcycle safety course! I take it next week.
  • bought a plane ticket to San Diego! I’m going on a warmer vacation in February.
  • drank some beer. Real beer, with gluten. I got some Gluten Free pills free from work. They work but sometimes give me a raging head ache.
  • ate lots of corn on the cob.
  • bought a pair of jeans in a 12 that are roomy and a pair of jeans in a 10 that are to tight.
  • went white water rafting!
  • hung out at Kevin’s family’s ranch, played in a pool for hours and didn’t get burnt!
  • gossiped about family members
  • worked 40 hours every week.
  • got an iPhone. Nothing fancy, but still pretty rad. Sorry Razor, you were great for 3 years, even after you fell in the toilet. But, time to get updated.
  • wished I would have started a garden…
  • sat on the back porch.
  • got bit by lots of mosquitoes.

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July 29, 2010 at 10:29 am

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New posting and recap of sorts…

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As much as I like being online and talking about myself, you think I’d be down with blogging more. I guess I’m not that exciting…

Kevin is off in California, he comes back on Tuesday.

Stemless wine glasses are kind of dumb for drinking out of, but make great candle holders. Look, 4 matching candle holders. I’m sophisticated.

I’m planning on getting my motorcycle endorsement this summer. I’m also oogling at Ninjas.

I bought a swimsuit. The first one I’ve bought in years. People complain about how much they hate it, but if you know what type of suit works well on your body it should be a piece of cake. I bought the first one I tried on. I also went the cheap and reliable route and bought a Land’s End suit from Sears. I live in Seattle and really don’ t have a huge need for a suit.

I’m going white water rafting this week! This is one reason why one must buy a swimsuit that fits properly.

We went camping the weekend before Memorial Day weekend. The best part was when we sat around in camp chairs and did nothing. Okay, we drank, that’s pretty much as close to nothing as one can get, right?

I cut bangs a few weeks back, I hate them.

Life keeps getting easier. I love it.

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June 6, 2010 at 5:18 pm

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Planning for 2010.

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Hello 2010!

I’m kinda late on making my New Year’s post, oh well.

So the last 10 years where sort of insane! They kinda went like this:

  • moved to Olympia
  • retard for a president
  • was engaged but had my heart smashed to bits
  • went to massage school
  • went to California for a family reunion
  • 9/11/01
  • left Olympia
  • took Paxil, got fat
  • started working at a co-op
  • worked at a shitty spa
  • bought a brand new car
  • got in debt
  • had someone else’s eviction on my credit history
  • dated losers
  • dated people who were nice but not my type
  • worked way to much
  • burnt bridges
  • got my depression and anxiety under control without the help of doctors
  • met Kevin and moved in with him pretty much the same month
  • went to Savannah and Charleston
  • had a miscarriage
  • got an IUD
  • paid off all but 1 student loan
  • stopped massaging professional
  • moved into a house with a possibility for buying it
  • went to Napa Valley
  • walked 5 5ks!
  • still working at the co-op with a job I love
  • finally got added to the bonus group at work
  • started yoga again
  • was 195lbs for the first time since 2001

Weeee! Blah. It wasn’t so bad I suppose, but it wasn’t very fun and very stressful for very long stretches.


I’m not really a resolution maker but here are some thoughts for 2010:

  • more yoga! I want to try to go 2 times a week and do stretches at home.
  • spend at least 10 minutes a day cleaning
  • stick to my wheat free diet. I’ve been pretty good about this since August, and I feel good without wheat.
  • keep eating well and lose weight… still
  • pay off both of my credit cards. This isn’t hard, I owe about $1000
  • save for and buy a new laptop
  • start running
  • stick to tracking the things I want to achieve
  • reconnect with old friends
  • save save save for a down payment on a house

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January 4, 2010 at 2:31 pm

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My boring ass weekend.

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Friday was pretty awesome. I fell and skinned my knee while holding a cup of coffee. The coffee survived, the knee was skinned and is still bruised. I went to a WW meeting and lost a pound. Later Kevin bought me an blended latte and I dropped it twice, mainly due to the fact that the chick made a mess of it and put another cup on the outside of it to make it less messy. The second cup didn’t like being squeezed or something. We did some other crap that seems to have slipped my mind. It involved diner and salads. Fat people love salads, they’re delicious. They are, they’re yummy and Ralphie May said so. I had to go to bed pretty early so I could get up pretty early on Saturday to be at work by 5. But, knowing myself all to well I took to much time getting ready for bed aka fucking about in the bathroom and bedroom. I got to bed by 10:30p and couldn’t get to sleep because I had aneixty about getting up at 4:15. 3 hours of sleep isn’t enough for me anymore.

Saturday was pretty uneventful. I got up really early, like 4:15 after remembering looking at the clock a lot and being awake when my alarm didn’t go off. Remember kids, setting the alarm isn’t enough, you have to turn the fucker on as well. I had the beginnings of a cold or some awesome but super early allergies. I worked an awesome 8 hours. Kevin went to Bremerton. I went to the chiropractor before he closed at 3p. After coming home, Abigail and I took a nap. I ate a feast of cheese filled pastas, broccoli with olive oil and salt and pepper and red pepper flakes, and a huge ass salad. It wasn’t that exciting. I drank a glass of wine. Took a bath in Epsom salts. Called it good and went to bed. I slept like crap because Kevin wasn’t home.

So far today was entertaining. I worked pretty damn early, though not as early as yesterday. I was trying to be all awesome and perch on the edge of a milk crate that wasn’t as full and it probably should have been for the task I was trying to do… and the crate tipped forward and I managed to catch my thigh on the tower of crates next to it. You should see my fucking bruise, it is so hot… as in putting off a lot of heat. I’d take a picture but I’m not that flexible and my legs look like sausages and you might be blinded. I then realized that I’m closer to being 40 than I am to being 15?!? I de-pooped the backyard. I washed some dishes. I took a long shower, did all the necessary hygiene bits. I talked to Kevin, he was eating at this dad’s house. I ate a feast of broccoli with olive oil and salt and pepper, a salad, and rice noodle soup. And then I posted this blog. After this I’ll have a glass of wine and dry my hair. Be then, Kevin might be now.

Wow, I’m kind of boring.

tl;dr? Bold stuff is more important but, not that important stuff.

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March 29, 2009 at 8:23 pm

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Oh Christmas summary…

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Oh Christmas, I’m glad you are over.

Oh Mom and Dad, thank you for the camera.

Oh Kevin, thank you for the Dr. Martens.

Oh aunt, I think your opinion of Seattle is a little off considering you don’t live in the same county… I have no sympathy for people living on steep hills… I am also one of them. I got rides to work. I have blisters on my palms from digging out my driveway and car. I don’t have chains for my car. And I admit I have no one to blame but myself. Most times, you are a bit much. And yes, we feed our dog.

Oh new running shoes, I can’t wait to use you!

Oh mom, you really need to learn to cook pork better.

Oh Napa, I can’t wait to visit you.

Oh snow. I’m glad you are melting

Oh 2008, I’m glad you are over next week!

And finally, oh Weight Watchers… man I’ve fucked about for the past 2 months. I’m done with the excuses.

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December 26, 2008 at 11:46 am

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2008, I <3 you…

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Holy geez, hello winter!! Cold and more cold! More snow is predicted for tonight, tomorrow and Christmas day… with rain to follow.

Kevin and I were sick for the past 2 days. I’m ready to leave the house now! But, I can’t back out of our driveway due to the big ridge of snow left by a plow, lack of a shovel, lack of chains and my weak Civic.

Hmm. 2008, you were so crazy and seems like you might be that way until the last day.  But I might still love you… when I can look back and laugh.


  • Weight Watchers
  • vacations
  • DKNY Soho Jeans
  • teary weddings and fun family parties
  • midnight swims with outlaw mom
  • Deschutes beers
  • a new boss
  • tires under warranty
  • Canada
  • Afternoon Royal Tea at the Empress Hotel
  • dogs and their good ways and learned bad habits
  • SNOW!!
  • water slides and wine
  • new opportunities
  • turning 30
  • learning to stand my ground and actually doing so
  • 5ks and doing them even though I can’t run one completely
  • Cetaphil skin stuff
  • paying off 2 student loans !!!
  • hardwood floors
  • finding old friends via email/facebook/internets
  • spousal unit’s connections with people who have houses to rent
  • a chiropractor when you really need one
  • monkey puzzle trees
  • homeopathic remedies for blisters
  • a better yet still stressful relationship with my mom
  • dreams that help set you free
  • shooting a revolver… totally hot!
  • bailouts and the people who didn’t deserve them…
  • letting my mom know one of my real main reasons I’m choosing not to have kids
  • Theo Chocolate and the $5 tour
  • bicycles… road and cruisers
  • curbside recycling
  • wacky news coverage… on everything from the economy, election, weather and pop culture
  • not dying my hair
  • Google reader
  • “grown up” dinners made from real food… not packages or boxed
  • MAC eye makeup
  • job security and seniority
  • falling house prices (sucks for some, but great for peoples like me)
  • getting back to basics
  • kaiten sushi
  • clothes that fit, again
  • voting for president elect, Obama.
  • seeing people with hope, happiness, and pride.
  • people realizing how important it is to get out and vote, record turn outs!!
  • realizing I am only human and I make and create 99% of all things that happen or go on in my life and only I can be the one to fix itmake it better or make it worse. Only I can make my own changes.

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December 23, 2008 at 12:17 pm

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thus far?

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Pounds gained since in the past 2 months= 6

Snow for the weekend= highly possible

Tonight’s wine tasting = champagne !!!

My temperature of choice for the house = 70°

Kevin’s temperature of choice = 62°

Shoes worn today = Converse and Diesel

Glasses of water drunk today = 4

Dog = smells like it needs a bath.

Worked = 6a – 2:30p

Moved in = mostly

Friday = Friday, payday and possible bonus day

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December 11, 2008 at 6:10 pm

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I’m totally loving NPR’s Wait Wait.. Don’t Tell Me. I’ve just started to download the podcasts again, it’s nice to have a working iPod again.

My mom, grandma and I went to Victoria for 2 days. My mom and I had high tea at The Empress Hotel. My mom and I got to feed baby ducks, out of our hands. I bought all sorts of awesome tea from Murchie’s tea.

A woman is coming over tomorrow morning, she’s bringing a possible dog for a us to adopt. He’s part rat terrier and part blue heeler. Dog number 2, we’re looking for you! We went to animal shelters last week, I cried.

I gained 5 pound on my vacation. But, I am now back on track… I really over ate for a week.

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August 15, 2008 at 5:52 pm