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And then we said goodbye…

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Sadly, we are going to be giving our dog, Porter, back to the place from which he came. When we orginally took him, it was stated that we could if it didn’twork out.

He’s an amazing dog. He’s not dog agressive. He’s not food agressive. He’s lazy. He’s loving. He sort of listens to commands, this would improve with training. He’s great… except that he has growled at me once and Kevin twice.

He growled at me once when I was trying to put him in his crate. I actually thought he might try to turn around and bite my hand. He apparently doesn’t like to have his collar pulled on. I put his choke chain on and this helped.

He growled at Kevin once when Kevin was trying to drag him from the front yard when he didn’t recall, again this was when Kevin was trying to pull on his collar. And, last night when they were playing on the couch.. and not a playful growl either. Kevin was playing with him the same way he would play with Abigail.

The problem is this… if he’ll growl at his owners, he could end up biting someone. We like to have our dog with us. He could bite someone else or a kid. He won’t be able to either one of our parents’ house due to them having cats. He wouldn’t be able to go to Kevin’s family’s ranch and run free. If he were to go places with us, he would always have to be on a leash. We are starting to gain more small children in our lives.. not ours but friends and family.

We are both truely sad by this decission, but we both know it is the best possible one. As I fight through my tears, I know that I’d be very upset if he hurt anyone I know or made a small child fear animals.

I love you Porter, I’m very sorry we can’t keep you. I’m very sad to have to let you go. I’m also afriad of what your future might entail…




Written by crabbycake

November 12, 2009 at 11:18 am