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Hurry up everything.

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Some days, like yesterday, are best when ended with some Guns N’ Roses cranked up and 3/4 of a bottle of red wine. High class, I know.

Today is a day off! It sure is welcome. But, a day off isn’t nearly as fun when it happens to be the first day you are able to start moving. Blah. I’d much rather spend it drinking a few french presses of coffee, thanks.

So this new little house has some interesting things to note:

  • new windows
  • new furnace
  • no garage but a carport
  • no shed
  • no garbage disposal
  • some awesome glass door knobs
  • a very ugly padded toilet seat with embroidered butterflies on the lid
  • a yard that needs a lot of help
  • hardwood floors upstairs
  • a newly finished basement
  • no dishwasher
  • a very trashy house next door
  • no fences on the side yards to keep our dog out of the street
  • no mailbox
  • no blinds
  • overhead lights in the bedrooms!
  • chain link fences

11 days left until vacation! I can has vacation?!?! Heck yes. I need to find a knitting project and a book to take with me. Um, I was just looking at the Whistler website and they said the valley temp was at 32F and the mid mountain temp was 46F? Oh really? Something tells me that is off. Come on snow, I’ll be there soon, hurry up and snow in the village!! Oh hey, and exchange rate, if you just want to keep rising, I’m down with that too. When I was in Victoria in August the exchange rate was pretty even, now it’s at $1.30?! Sweet.

As much as a love all the fun internets jargon, I feel pretty stupid typing it out.. Like “O RLY?”

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October 28, 2008 at 9:28 am

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