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To Do List…

Holy crap… this is my current list as of 08.12.11 and it is in no particular order

  • YOGA! YOGA twice a week! ♥
  • learn more about cheese
  • go to France
  • declutter!
  • drink up the boxes of tea in the cupboard
  • organize my office
  • buy or receive a food processor
  • get another pup
  • save money for NYC vacation
  • buy new pillows
  • replace windshield
  • buy a new wool coat
  •  to Belize
  • make soap
  • buy house
  • buy a new bed
  • buy land in eastern Washington
  • save 10% of each paycheck
  • RUN!
  • make a weekly chore list
  • buy cabinet or shelf for laundry area
  • buy chains for Honda
  • buy a snow shovel
  • save money
  • ride my bike around Green Lake
  • dust upstairs
  • hang pictures
  • pay off old debt
  • Blog more…
  • make soup once a week
  • climb the climb wall at REI
  • get a key tattoo
  • learn to do a hand stand
  • be more open to all things coming my way
  • drink more wine!

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October 30, 2008 at 1:09 pm

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