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Love list 6.29.11

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  • the man who gets up really early, so he can stand on  street corner and cheer for you as you dash past him, while completing your first 1/2 marathon.
  • my dog…even when she pees on the living room rug.
  • friends who also stand on corners to cheer for you.
  • naps
  • water. Hydration, good! Cleanliness, good!
  • proud Pops, bum rushing photo ops.
  • beer!
  • almond butter
  • maxi dresses
  • wine tastings
  • change of energy
  • banking apps
  • quinoa fruit salads
  • Larabars
  • marathon stories
  • deciding to do a staycation this summer!
  • yerba mate
  • Half Price Books
  • a July finance challenge
  • new living room layout
  • Arnica!
  • the handlebar mustache contest is almost over!!
  • iPhone glass replacement
  • blueberries


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June 29, 2011 at 2:07 pm

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I love breakfast…

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Man, I love breakfast!

I was at a wine tasting for work and we were talking about random stuff that lead to more random stuff… My office man guy was talking about a magazine that talked about different outlooks on certain subjects over large spans of time, this time the topic was food.

Recently we had to write a small bio about ourselves and one of the things he suggested was what we love to eat. I can not tell you how much I love breakfast! I think about what I want to eat before I get out of bed…

This quote came up. I have to say I rather enjoyed it because breakfast can be pretty intense, I can relate… minus the cocaine.

“Breakfast is the only meal of the day that I tend to view with the same kind of traditionalized reverence that most people associate with Lunch and Dinner. I like to eat breakfast alone, and almost never before noon; anybody with a terminally jangled lifestyle needs at least one psychic anchor every twenty-four hours, and mine is breakfast. In Hong Kong, Dallas or at home — and regardless of whether or not I have been to bed — breakfast is a personal ritual that can only be properly observed alone, and in a spirit of genuine excess. The food factor should always be massive: four Bloody Marys, two grapefruits, a pot of coffee, Rangoon crepes, a half-pound of either sausage, bacon, or corned beef hash with diced chiles, a Spanish omelette or eggs Benedict, a quart of milk, a chopped lemon for random seasoning, and something like a slice of Key lime pie, two margaritas, and six lines of the best cocaine for dessert… Right, and there should also be two or three newspapers, all mail and messages, a telephone, a notebook for planning the next twenty-four hours and at least one source of good music… All of which should be dealt with outside, in the warmth of a hot sun, and preferably stone naked.”

– Hunter S. Thompson

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June 27, 2011 at 10:22 pm

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Happy Father’s Day, dad!

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Oh hai. Geez, I need to post more…


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! My dad is pretty kick ass, but in a totally different way than my mom….

Blah  blah, years ago I went to therapy… It was a fucked up point in my life and I really don’t know if therapy did much but question EVERYTHING a bit more. But, thank god I had a $20 co-pay. The question came up about my parents and their relationship… Um, my folks have been happily married(?) since 1975.

The part I realize as an adult is, my dad busted his balls as much as he possibly could saying yes and no to multiple people so his young wife could be there to raise his  2 small children for almost 10 years.

My dad has been delivering your daily bread for about 35 years, in the Seattle area for about 28 years and before that San Fransisco. My dad has been getting up around 1am for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I remember eating dinner at 5pm and my dad going to bed around 7pm, if not earlier. On his Sundays off, he would wake us up at 7am with fresh hot pancakes! To my dad, sleeping in was 4:20am. Even going on vacation with him as an adult, sleeping in is over at 7am! Get up! Did I mention my dad still gets up early and is 60?

As an adult, even without the want of children, I have realized that my dad has done so much for me and my family.  I am with a wonderful person, Kevin, who I realize has a father that thought more about himself than his wonderful family of five.  Kevin has the most wonderful mother that I feel the need to wish her happy father’s day as well!

Dad, I know you might never see this but I want to say thank you! Thank you for that moment many many years ago when you told me you were my dad and also my friend and shared your teddy bear Sugar with me and told me I could also share anything with you that I ever needed with you.  Thank you so very much for telling me that my ex fiance was an asshole when it mattered most! Thank you for watching cartoons! Thank you for letting me, and whom ever I’ve been with, use your time share in Canada. Thank you for co-signing student loans! Thank you for paying for community college, even when I dropped out! Thank you for co-signing on student loans! Thank you for refinancing my car when I had someone else’s eviction on my credit report. Thannl you for offering to go with me to buy tires this week, even though I’m almost 33 and have bought them a few times in the past. Thank you for giving me the love of Mexican food. Thank you for being the normal one in your family! Thank you for your work ethic! Thank you for deciding to move to Seattle! Thank you for doing a hard ass job all these years! Thnak you for letting me be me! Thank you for balancing me.

I love my dad! I realize at my ripe age of almost 33 that the calmness and going with the flow bit all comes from my dad. As does my depression, varicose veins, eye lashes, thick hair that has recently gone curly, ADD tendencies,  and crazy love of chips and salsa… Sadly, my pops is out of town until the 23rd…But, I am happy that he is on vacation! Have fun in Glacier!

I love you, pops! Thank you so much for all that you have done, and still do for me!

P.S. Stop sending me text messages of the cat!

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June 19, 2011 at 12:33 am

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