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10 miles.

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Yesterday my friend and I walked 10 miles.


This made today’s walk of 5 mile feel like a breeze.

I had this summer goal that I would walk from Seward Park to the I-90 bridge and back. That trip was only about 7 miles. But, we started from my friend’s house and walked to the park instead of driving. Then we walked past I-90 to a small market to buy water. We ended up adding 3 extra miles! Crazy!

I’m so proud of the both of us!

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August 13, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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Size 10!

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I went outlet shopping… paying full price for clothing just seems so bizarre these days.

I’ve been eying the Jackson fit pants at Banana Republic for quite some time.  I wanted a pair of dress pants, but didn’t really have a need for them. I tried them on back in May but, bought tops instead. I thought about buying a pair to have them for a wine tasting, but that day came and I didn’t have the time to drive to the outlet.

Today I went to one of the outlet malls before a massage. (It happens to not be too far from one of the gluten free bakeries I love… the one that made me a gluten free red velvet cake and is making my birthday cake. Wednesday is my normal day off and total treat day!) I wanted some new clothing stuff for now and for fall.

I found the pants. They’re more of a curvy fit. I have big legs and curvy fit seems to work well for this. I looked for my normal size 12s. But, today felt different for some reason. The 12s were just right a few months ago, but what if they stretched out? I hate hate hate saggy butts! My butt no longer seems to be the size of a house and I want things to fit around it, not drape off it.

I tried the pants on first. You know, get that ill fitting thing out of the way! It will fit the worst and then I can try on stuff that I know will fit me well and not feel so bad about it. But, they fit. Well. With no muffin top. But, with no so flattering panty lines due to my cotton boyshorts.

Holy crap a 10! A pair of pants in a 10!!! I do own another pair of 10s, they’re boyfriend jeans and are cut huge. These aren’t huge and fit like I was meant to wear them! And that slight bit of stretch won’t look horrible a bit later in the day!!

The last pair of dress pants I bought in February of 2007 were a size 16.

If you’ve ever had to buy pants at Lane Bryant, buying a size 10 is awesome! (I could only wear the pants at Lane Bryant and I could wear their 18s. I always hated shopping there because I felt weird for once that I was smaller than the gals working there and they were NEVER friendly towards me.)

On ward and downwards!

(um, I’ll edit this later and add a picture, my camera needs charging.)

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August 4, 2010 at 5:55 pm

Another entry about weight loss…

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Fat Stats:

Start of WW in May 2008: 230

Today: 193.4

Goal: 155ish

Weight needed to be lost to reach goal: 38.4

Oh yes. I even took a bunch of time off of WW to get some other crap figured out without gaining more than a 3 pounds.

I’m on vacation for the next 2 weeks. I don’t head back to work until August 16th. I’m not going anywhere rad this August, I’m just chilling at home. I have lots of stuff I plan on doing. But, I’m super excited to get back on track and lose more weight..

I’m slow at losing weight. I’m okay with it being slow. Some weeks I lose 2 pounds, other weeks I gain 1. Either way, I’m down with it. Some weeks I’m all about exercising. Some weeks, I’m all about stuffing my face. Either way, I’m using Weight Watchers because it works for me. It works well for my food allergies and possible disease. I’m also super stoked because WW has a iPhone app and I can record stuff as I’m eating.

Yeah, back to being on vacation. So I’m doing things I want to do. And I want to exercise. I want to roast veggies. I want to read books. I want to get back into really eating healthy and not having to think about it. I’m getting my motorcycle endorsement. I’m cleaning house. I’m turning 32.

Basically, I’m getting out of auto pilot mode. See ya July… Hello August.

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August 2, 2010 at 11:19 am

Planning for 2010.

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Hello 2010!

I’m kinda late on making my New Year’s post, oh well.

So the last 10 years where sort of insane! They kinda went like this:

  • moved to Olympia
  • retard for a president
  • was engaged but had my heart smashed to bits
  • went to massage school
  • went to California for a family reunion
  • 9/11/01
  • left Olympia
  • took Paxil, got fat
  • started working at a co-op
  • worked at a shitty spa
  • bought a brand new car
  • got in debt
  • had someone else’s eviction on my credit history
  • dated losers
  • dated people who were nice but not my type
  • worked way to much
  • burnt bridges
  • got my depression and anxiety under control without the help of doctors
  • met Kevin and moved in with him pretty much the same month
  • went to Savannah and Charleston
  • had a miscarriage
  • got an IUD
  • paid off all but 1 student loan
  • stopped massaging professional
  • moved into a house with a possibility for buying it
  • went to Napa Valley
  • walked 5 5ks!
  • still working at the co-op with a job I love
  • finally got added to the bonus group at work
  • started yoga again
  • was 195lbs for the first time since 2001

Weeee! Blah. It wasn’t so bad I suppose, but it wasn’t very fun and very stressful for very long stretches.


I’m not really a resolution maker but here are some thoughts for 2010:

  • more yoga! I want to try to go 2 times a week and do stretches at home.
  • spend at least 10 minutes a day cleaning
  • stick to my wheat free diet. I’ve been pretty good about this since August, and I feel good without wheat.
  • keep eating well and lose weight… still
  • pay off both of my credit cards. This isn’t hard, I owe about $1000
  • save for and buy a new laptop
  • start running
  • stick to tracking the things I want to achieve
  • reconnect with old friends
  • save save save for a down payment on a house

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January 4, 2010 at 2:31 pm

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No longer obese!!

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I will admit, my weight loss has been slow. But, I’ve still lost 40 pounds.

My current weight is 197. To me this is very exciting becuase I can’t remember the last time I was at this weight, or I guess I do but not since some crazy year like 2002.

The exciting news for me is my BMI is 29.8. I am now considered to be overweight! I’m not longer considered to be obese! I’m excited because it was a small goal I was looking towards and I made it!

A new season of The Biggest Loser has started. I was really into this show when it first started, but haven’t watched in few seasons. I’m excited to watch this season, I’m also hoping it will help keep me extra motivated this fall/winter. I’ve watched the fisrt episode already, and plan to watch the second this weekend. There are 2 things I dislike about the show though… and they are that it gives people the idea that losing 15 pounds a week is where its at and all the crazy yelling Jillian does.

As hard as losing weight is and can be, it is 110% worth it. I feel fantastic! I can walk 6 miles straight. I can wear cuter clothes. People flirt with me more. I’m more flexible. I can squeeze into smaller places. I weigh almost 50lbs less than my spousual unit. I’m probably adding years to my life. It may cost $40 a month to do Weight Watchers but I’m sticking to this for life.. the rest of it.

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September 24, 2009 at 10:07 am