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The Thanksgiving we decided to pass on..

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At the current moment, we should be on I-5  to Olympia. But, at the current moment we are sitting on the couch. Everything I’m wearing is keeping me cozy.

This morning, there was fresh snow on the ground. Kevin called his mom and told her we might not make it. She said she understood. She later called to tell us it was warming up and we said we still weren’t coming. We have opted out of doing Thanksgiving this year. We have both had an extremely stressful week and we are both thankful for a day to do nothing. And, we both are working tomorrow.

I’m thankful for so many things… in no order… health.nutty water.being employed.gluten free pillow.pine trees.a car that always shoes.warm socks.a body that showers.teeth.great friends.hoodies.quinoa.a house to live in.a drama  free home.lattes.being able to be me.


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November 25, 2010 at 2:26 pm

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Love list that wasn’t.

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There was going to be a love list… I did it and posted it,and wordpress decided it didn’t want to post it and ate it

Fuck you, weather.

Fuck you, Thanksgiving.

I hate holidays. Tomorrow, I get to spend my day off from this crazy ass week with 50 members of Kevin’s family.


Is this week over yet?


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November 24, 2010 at 11:41 am

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And now for some thing so completely different…

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Holy Crap… !!!

I just registered to do a half marathon…OMG! OMG!

Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon!

Seattle, June 25, 2011! I’ll be there!

I would like to be able run most of this, but I’m okay if I walk about half.I’m also going to be with my good friend, Eve.

I feel a bit crazy… but I get a fucking medal at the end of it! Yes, I’m stoked about a medal, get over it. Keep calm and carry on…

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November 20, 2010 at 6:54 pm

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Weekly Goals.

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I attend my weekly Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday, from here on out I think I’m gonna post my weekly weight on Thursday. Yup, I’m gonna be one of those bloggers.

Current weight: 190.0

I’m at the weight I was before I went on vacation. Nothing exciting, but I’ll take it!


  • track daily
  • exercise at least 4 days
  • decrease candy intake
  • don’t lose my mind due to Thanksgiving insanity at work
  • yoga x 2
  • keep breakfast under 4 points

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November 19, 2010 at 8:21 pm

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Love list 11.16.10

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Hiya. I haven’t done a lot of listy love in a long time. Here’s a new list of stuff I love…


  • Kevin. The boy put up with me and my family for 7 days in a row! We are happy to be home and back to our normal scheduled programs. ♥
  • Abigail. Hello dog! I had a dream about you while we were in Canada. I woke up and was sad that you weren’t there. ♥
  • yoga. I had dreams about doing yoga while I was in Canada as well. I’m upping this to twice a week. Super stoked! ♥
  • Eve. Friend, yoga instructor, walking buddy, and fellow Weight Watcher. Also, at 52 she is a total fitness daredevil and really inspiring.♥
  • weighting 190! and, no rounding.
  • lululemon athleticaScuba Hoodie. I bought this as a 190lb reward, I want to live in it! This will not be making the rounds at work.
  • Damn You Auto Correct! via Door Sixteen. Remember iPhone, I want shit, not shot.
  • Lush. But only while I’m in Canada.
  • broccoli
  • how much changing my pillow case every night has helped my skin
  • pu-erh tea
  • Fox Barrel Mulled Cider
  • seeing wild bears do their bear thing…
  • sparkly eye shadow
  • snowy forecasts
  • reunited friendships
  • buddha bowls. I love this for some reason but can’t justify the price.
  • chai lattes
  • christmas mugs
  • water! I didn’t like the taste of the water in Whistler, I was SOOO thirsty when I came home.
  • hazelnuts
  • home
  • Uggs. I still stand by them. They keep my feet super warm, just not very dry.
  • Taste Nirvana’s Coconut Water with Pulp. Great after a good 10 mile walk.
  • Ancient Harvest Pasta. This pasta is quinoa and corn based and cooks up fantastically! As a non gluten freer, Kevin likes this pasta sub the best.

Have a super week!

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November 16, 2010 at 7:12 pm

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Fat Doctors?

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Oh hai! Long time no see…

So. I just spent a week with my family in Canada. Fun, relaxing, and lets me know how happy I am that I don’t spend ample time with the fam all at once. My brother has been dating a really nice and quite gal for a while and she came along as well. She’s going to med school…

So here’s my huge question…

Would you take medical advice from an obese doctor?

As some one who has lost a lot of weight and dealt with some medical issues that my doctors seemed unable to help me with, my answer would be a big NO.

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November 14, 2010 at 4:18 pm