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Oh money, when will you quit…

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Kevin is finally done working in Vancouver! Home last night! No leaving Sunday night. Thank god.

I got paid yesterday. I bought the new MAC scent Naked Honey. It smells of honeysuckle and jasmine. I’m in love! It makes me feel sexy and summery. I usually try to stay out of the MAC store.  Since I hadn’t popped in in a while, I figured what the hell. I’m glad I did because this is limited product and they only had 3 left. I’ll be sad when it is gone… but by then summer will probably be over and I’ll want something else.

Speaking of getting paid. I’m really baring down and trying so hard to get stuff paid off or down. I finally paid off the stuff I had put on my mom’s Nordstroms account. Man, I love my sunglasses, the 4 or so pairs of shoes I bought, the really expensive bra that no longer fits, the cords that make my butt look great, the makeup and makeup brushes and whatever other things that amounted to a lot of nothing, but what a waste of money. Not that I think it was all a waste, but the reality is if I don’t have the actual money to pay for it at that very moment I probably can live without it.

After I take the trip to Napa the plan is to save, save, save. I really would like to buy a new laptop. I also would really like to do the tattoo idea I have floating in my head. I’m look at $2k to do those 2 things. I want to have money in the bank. I have more money coming in than I ever have before, I think I’m spending it pretty wisely… finally.

I have started over my accounts with Microsoft Money. I was downloading the info from Bank of America because it was supposed to be faster and more helpful… yeah, it made a complete mess and made it look like I was over drawn by $5oo twice a month. Um, nope, actually not at all.

I love being an adult. I love not having children. I love getting out of debt. I love plans for the feature.

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June 27, 2009 at 1:58 pm

an American way.

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Holy crap.

Yes. Hello, I am an American and I love stuff. And if it happens to be free, I love it even more.

I love beauty products. I love supplements. For a while I was working in HABA (aka health and beauty aides in the grocery/retail industry) and I got free samples of things like it was going out of style. But since I love beauty products, lotions and potions and oh my… I bought a lot of stuff too. I still get free samples now and then but now I try and score stuff I already use, like fish oil.
So now that we have this really rad bathroom with a beautiful pedestal sink, we lack cupboard underneath. All of my crap is now in the medicine cabinet or the linen closet. All of my stuffs, free or paid for, is taking up valuable space!
So I’ve decided not to buy any more stuffs unless it is totally needed. I’m on mission to use stuff up! Operation:Use It! Totally dumb, I know. But, when I shin splints the other day I bought Arnica because I couldn’t find any. This morning I found 3 tubes!
Last year I stopped buying excess shampoo and conditioner. This year, I just plan to buy less of everything. I can say I pretty much don’t need a thing.

Remember peeps: Free is only awesome and great if it is something you know you’ll use or something you already use.

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January 12, 2009 at 2:18 pm

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The eyes have it?

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Newest love :

MAC Fluidline

For some reason, I recently seem to enjoy lining my eye with a brush. I started with wet eye shadow but knew there had to be something better. AND THERE IS!!

I bought Blacktrack and Marcoviolet. I feel like such a dork but, lately I’ve been getting really into making up my eyes and being more creative with color.

Since I don’t want to buy any clothes right now, I guess I’ll buy makeup and spice up my looks that way?

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May 20, 2008 at 7:29 pm

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Running needs shorts.

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Newcastle + running + epsom salt bath = not to shabby.

I have decided that wearing Converse for 8 hours and then putting on my awesome Mizunos seems to confuse my arches. Are we flat and walking in circles? Or are we supported and running on the sidewalk?

I read something about drinking beer after running, I can’t remember what it said… but I’m determined to have one after every running adventure, even if they are still small. Beer is nice.

I drove my normal walk/run course and I’ve discovered that it is almost 2.5 miles. A 5k will be really easy. Sweet.

I really want a pair of running shorts with pockets. I know that they will be very unflattering, but if you choose to look at me when I’m working out it’s your own damn fault. But for my own reasons, I’m so mortified to try them on. I haven’t worn shorts in public in EONS! 10 yearsish? Like I’ve seen plenty of fat folks wearing elastic waist shorts but they have nice or decent legs. My legs are like sausage links covered in spider veins and bruises. Yum-o. I usually wear my awesome black Lucy capris and pants or my not as awesome blue capris… but shorts? I yearn for the days when my legs are a bit leaner! Shorts damnit, I want some shorts and I want them to look okay.

Eew, and I supposed in a few months I’ll need to buy a new swim suit that is more flattering and shows off my boobs… then one I have now is more for swimming laps and has a high neck.

I’ve started to rub calendula oil on to help my skin stuff issues. Plus, who doesn’t love soft skin?

It rubs the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again….

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April 27, 2008 at 5:08 am

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A hairy situation.

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I find it really entertaining when you talk to someone about dying your hair, to cover gray, they make funny noises at you like you just said the dumbest thing they ever heard.

Especially when they recently dyed their own hair, to cover up their own gray and their old dye job that had grown out over the past year.

Note: The person giving the advice has the oiliest and stringiest hair I’ve ever seen in my life.

Like a friend said, I wouldn’t take any hair product advice from her, EVAR!

I find that Naturcolor 4D is the closest thing to my own hair color.


After switching back and forth between Live Journal and Blogger for the past, oh 6 years?, we choose Blogger. I am after all, an adult.

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March 20, 2008 at 10:26 pm

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